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Meet Our Agents

Here to Protect You


Justine Liefer


(618) 282-3100

Justine joined the agency in 1970 as an agent with her father Louis Cowell.  She purchased the agency in 1988 and has expanded the offerings of the agency to all lines of insurance business.


Quinn Johnson


(618) 713-7747

Quinn joined the agency part time in 2000.  She graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in December 2004 and came to the agency full time as an office manager and agent.  Since then she has become the primary agent for all personal and commercial lines of business.


Karen Wicklein


(618) 282-3100

Karen came to the agency in 1996 as an Associate Agent.  She assisted Justine with the servicing of life insurance policies.  In 2000 she took over the sales and service of the health and ancillary insurance market.

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